Glass with Liquid

I was given the assignment to photograph “glass with liquid”, a simple photograph done with a translucent white light table. I picked a wine glass with some design on it and a tall more creative glass. I picked up some food coloring at a local store to make it more fun, and set up to shoot.

First one is the wine glass, I added a few drops of red coloring to make it pop. A very simple one lighting setup, just one open bulb strobe placed in the back at about the height of the glass, the glass itself closer to the camera than the background of the table top and some black form board on the side to enhance the effect of the black line and shoot. The result is below and I added a diagram to help those interested in trying this out, as for post work just a little clean up on the tabletop itself.


The second is the more creative glass, with a few drops of blue coloring still mixing as I photographed. I liked the flow of the coloring as it sank to the bottom of the glass not fully mixed in to the water. The lighting is almost the same just a bump up in power due to the darker coloring and larger glass. The same with post a few clean ups on the tabletop, with a few burns on edges of the food colorings to enhance the effect I wanted.


Lighting Diagram:


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