Clyde, Studio Beauty Dish

I was given the assignment to photograph a fashion model in the studio set 15feet from the backdrop with the backdrop being gray for the lighting. I was told that it had to be a beauty dish set at 4-5 feet from the model. I decided to go with winter fashion styling, with the anticipation of it cooling off. I posted a casting for models interested in a winter fashion shoot. Clyde responded saying he was interested and had some clothing that would work perfectly. We coordinated a time that the studios were free and started to set up. Only two of our studios have the room for the model to be at least 15ft from the backdrop, and then still have room to shoot, the one that was free was setup with a white backdrop so I just allowed the light to fall off so that it would go gray. I used one beauty dish as instructed set on the right side at 4ft, and then grabbed a 9ft white foam board to bounce light back onto the model on the left side. We encountered a couple of strobe synching issues, with the gear being older but free to use the gear often gives a few technical issues, but fixed them out and got them firing on correctly. Clyde was a great model and took direction very well, and was patient with the technical issues. The end result is below, along with the lighting diagram. As far as post work there was just a little cleanup and about an -18% desecration.


Lighting Diagram:


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