Photographing Metal

I was given the assignment to photograph “Metal”, one photograph had to use kitchen silverware and the other was open to what ever. I chose to go with more of a simple clean look, done with a translucent white light tent. I picked a pie server, and for the second photograph playing with the season was a metal reindeer.

First is the pie server; I placed the server in the middle of the translucent tent bottom photographing from above on the photograph I decided to go with. I set up 3 hot lamps (each hot lamp had 3 powerful daylight bulbs, leading to a total of 9 bulbs) two on either side of the tent and one on the back/top. I metered them and started shooting. I did play around with other angles but felt this one really kept it simple and clean. The result is below and I added a diagram to help those interested in trying this out, as for post work just a little clean up on the tent itself and about an -18% desaturation.

JMB_Pie copy

The second has more of a holiday flare; it is a metal reindeer, using the same tent and adding a little fake snow around the feet of the deer to add a little more texture to the photograph. Using roughly the same lighting setup I just moved the lights up higher since the reindeer is taller. With the face of the reindeer, I did bring the left light up and around the front a little more giving a better highlight on its face. Keeping with the simple and clean theme I went with a tighter shot in the end. Post work is just a little clean up on the tent itself and about an -18% desaturation.

JMB_Metal_Reindeer copy

Lighting Diagram:


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