What am I Photo I, Fun and Games IV

This is a macro photograph, take a few guess at what it might be. I will post the answer in a couple days!

What am I Photograph.

What am I Photograph.

This is a Horseshoe Crab (Limulus polyphemus)

size: 10-20 inches

Description: Gray to brown. Carapace is smooth and horseshoe-shaped. Tail is long and spike-like. Inhabit shallow areas with soft or sandy bottoms, often in areas of sea grass and other algal growth.

Diet: Horseshoe crabs feed mostly at night and burrow for worms and mollusks. They will, however, feed at any time.

Fun Facts: have evolved little in the last 250 million years. The horseshoe crab has also survived because it can go a year without eating and endure extreme temperatures and salinity. Horseshoe crabs have 2 compound eyes on the top of their shells with a range of about 3 feet. The eyes are used for locating mates. Horseshoe crabs grow by molting and emerge 25 percent larger with each molt. After 16 molts (usually between 9 and 12 years) they will be fully grown adults.

Information & Research by Elizabeth Wombold


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