Ocean: Under the Surface (Happy Earth Day)

Happy Earth Day!

Ocean: Under the Surface

This post is meant to sum up the project I have been working on ( the “what am I?” photographs). The end result is to put together a book; it will start with the photo you are trying to guess and then when you turn the page on the backside you will have the answer, and alongside that, some fun and interesting facts about what it is. I am hoping to promote conservation and education. I have found the project to be really rewarding, and sometimes challenging, with some obstacles to overcome. I plan on continuing this project and hope to make this project my thesis.  I hope you have found my photographs, and information, thus far exciting and if you have any questions along the way please throw them my way. I am eager to help others and pass along what I have learned from under the surface of the ocean. Below are a few of the photographs I have put together so far for this project and have been posting from time to time. I have posted them in the way I hope to have the book flow by giving the photograph first and then the information on what it is a couple of days later. This should give people the opportunity to take a few guesses at what it might be first.

Thank you for taking the time to look over this, I hope that you will return to learn more!




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