John Michael Bullock (lead photographer):

Ali C. is a freelance model based out of Tampa,Fl. We had a great first shoot, even though the water was jam packed with swimmers in the summer sun. Ali was one of three models we were lucky enough to have on this shoot. We really wanted to jump back into some underwater fashion, and we were excited to experiment with new gear. The shoot resulted in some great photographs, and an amazing time diving. Ali is a highly motivated model who is eager to join us on our next underwater shoot. She did a fantastic job underwater, especially since this is difficult art to perfect. As she became more comfortable in the water we began to move around and experiment with various ideas, angles, and poses. On this shoot I was using two Ikelite DS-160 strobe units with natural light. Due to the amount of people and divers in the water, the water was very cloudy at times, so we really had to play around with the strobe angels. After a couple hours we ended up getting rained out and had to call it a day. We ended up with some really great photographs from this shoot, and we are looking forward to getting back underwater soon. This was photographed at Blue Springs State Park, in Central Fl. This is by far one of my favorite locations to photograph. If it had not been for the heavy rain and high traffic clouding the water, we would have seen the beautiful clarity that Blue Springs normally offers. I will post two more parts for the other two models, so stay tuned!

Alex Houston (second shooter/safety diver):

Ali C. is a fun, energetic, and charismatic model that brings excitement to the photo shoot while still embracing a sense of professionalism. It is important for the photographer to have an idea and know what is wanted out of each shoot to help guide the model into this vision. With that said, it is also important to have a model that is not only confident, enthusiastic, and willing to adapt to these changes, but who is also able to take initiative and perform with her own ambition. Ali C is just that! This shoot was fun, exciting, and went very smoothly, and I believe this was due to the incredible teamwork inspired by Ali C. And the other models. She is a pleasure to work with, and I am looking forward to working with her in the near future!



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