John Michael Bullock (lead photographer):

In an effort to not repeat myself from Part I of this shoot, Laura is a freelance model based out of Orlando,Fl. She was really amazing underwater, seeming to just flow with the water. The hardest thing I have come to find is keeping the face calm and eyes open. Almost every model has to over come this, on this shoot we worked with all the models before getting them in the dresses. We wanted them to get comfortable in the new environment, understand how the water acted and flowed with them modeling. Laura caught on real quick and was moving in the water breaking pose after pose. We had to move and avoid the oncoming swimmers, and guest visiting the spring. But we managed to pull of a fun shoot with some really nice photographs. Next up will be Park III of this shoot with Daniela our third model on this shoot, so stay tuned!

Laura M. (Model):

A couple week’s ago I had my first underwater photoshoot! I had always wanted to do a shoot of this kind, so I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I must admit though going into it I was extremely nervous since I did not know what to expect. I did not know if I could pull off the underwater look and I gad never shot with John Michael before. Whenever I’m underwater, I imagine I look like “a fish out of water.” Once I met John Michael and Alex at the location I felt more at ease. They were complete pros (and had the equipment to prove it) and knew exactly what they were doing. They also offered me some tips to be able to achieve a graceful underwater look. We shot at Blue Spring State Park, where the water is absolutely beautiful, not to mention freezing! We braved the cold, and it was worth it in the end. John Michael and Alex helped me and the other models throughout the shoot. I had so much fun, and truly hope to do it again!


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