© John Michael Bullock Photography

Florida-based photographer John Michael Bullock specializes in underwater photography. John Michael graduated from Daytona State College with an A.S. in Photographic Technology and is currently working on his B.S. in Photography at the University of Central Florida. He turned his passion for SCUBA diving and photography into a productive lifestyle and career.

John Michael exercises his creativity underwater as is evidenced by his Underwater Fashion portfolio, which combines fashion and aesthetics, not to mention technical problem solving. His Underwater Wildlife portfolio shows his prowess as his eye is applied to reefs, fish, and turtles. “The movement and colors are otherworldly, and the ocean is one area of the environment that remains unknown and mysterious,” he says. John Michael, ever diligent, plans to do his share to facilitate conservation of the ocean.

All Photographs Copy Write John Michael Bullock Photography



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